Our Etsy Shop is Officially Open!

Ladies and gents, please form an orderly queue. Rose Petal Cottage is now open for business! And to celebrate we’re offering 10% off of our entire range for the next month. Just enter the coupon code RELAUNCH2017 at the checkout!

Here is a selection of the lovely new products that are now available:

Happy Shopping!


My Craft Must Haves

What do you need to start the perfect craft kit?

suppliesAs previously mentioned, I am somewhat of a craft hoarder. I don’t really shop for clothes or make up and I’m really not one for wandering around the shops aimlessly, but boy do I love to shop for craft materials. Sometimes I have a set idea in mind when I buy something, but often it’s an impulse buy (“ooooh… a pack of 60 wooden bows. When won’t I need these?!”). However, if you’re just dipping your toes in crafty waters or just like something to keep you busy once in a while, I believe that really there is only a handful of stock supplies that you need. Obviously some things will be product specific, but these things should provide a good starting point.

1. A mini glue gun.

These are fabulous for quick fixes. I use mine most days. They do get super hot though and, I say this with personal experience, really hurt when you catch yourself with them, so I would definitely not recommend these for any crafts you’re doing with little ones. Hobbycraft sell a good one here.

2. Buttons.

Not only do these look pretty on display in a jar, but they can be just the perfect finshing touch on a whole range of projects.

3. A needle and thread.

You can often get little sewing kits in pound shops and these give you a choice of needles and colours of thread. Well worth having.

4. Ribbon.

I like to save any ribbon I acquire through gifts sets and other packaging and keep them in a lovely little tin. I also like to stock up on a reel or two in colours that I regularly use (green, pink and cream, in case you’re wondering). Ribbon makes everything look a billion times prettier and is great to have in stock for making last minute gifts look…well, less last minute.

5. Safety Pins.

Just handy generally.

6. Scissors.

You’ll want a set of general use ones that are a decent size and some little ones for your more fiddly projects.

7. Sharpies.

Again, just generally useful.

8. Felt.

I love, love, love felt. It’s a great medium for all sorts of projects and is nice and easy to work with. I also like that it’s fairly cheap and available in a range of colours.

9. Nice Paper.

I have a little collection of nice papers that I’ve got free with craft magazines, as well as rescued wrapping paper that I’ve felt is too pretty to throw away. I also like the big pads of scrap paper you can buy in most craft stores. They can be quite expensive, but they last for ages. I use the Back to Basics range by Dovecraft (available here).

10. Mason Jars.

When we moved house recently, one of the chaps helping us pack commented ‘you guys have a lot of jars…’. Yes, yes we do. My husband doesn’t like clutter and prefers to have as much as possible tidied away out of sight, but I have somehow managed to get away with having decorative mason jars all over the house. Need somewhere to keep pens? Mason jar. Toothbrushes? Mason jar. Cotton buds? Mason jar. Dog treats? Mason jar. I could go on. They are however, also super useful for arts and crafts. I make pin cushion sewing kits out of them (I will publish a link once my Etsy shop is no longer on holiday), but they are useful for a whole range of crafty loveliness.

11.Washi Tape.

As well as jazzing up plain wrapping paper, washi tape can be used for a whole range of crafts. I’ve used it to recover picture frames, decorate and label draws and for various papercrafts.

12. Double Sided Tape.

Always useful and much less messy than glue.

13. Alphabet Stamps.

Hobbycraft have an adorable Dovecraft lucky dip available here. I have some like this and I love them to bits.

14. Paper Tags.

I think handmade gift tags are so much nicer than generic shop bought ones. These tags are also handy for card making, labelling and all sorts.

15. A Cup of Tea

This is arguably the most important thing on the list. So get the kettle on, find your slippers and get crafting!