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The Violet Blanket

The Viloet Blanket
The Violet Blanket

The Violet Blanket has been a labour of love, that I have been working at on and off for the past two years, and I finally finished it last week. I started it the first summer that I lived in the USA and whenever I found myself looking for something to do, I would crochet a square. 240 squares and several months later, I had crocheted as many squares as I needed. However, soon after, I started a new job and then moved back to the UK, so the poor squares sat waiting to be sewn together for months. Once my craft things from the UK got delivered to Lincolnshire, I picked up my crochet hook and finally the blanket was completed.

I was absolutely thrilled with the outcome. The blanket is made up of granny squares, in a mix of pink, blue, teal, purple and cream, and has a grey and cream scalloped border.  It measures 60″ by 55″ and has a nice heavy feel to it, perfect for snuggling under on the sofa. Each of the granny squares I hand-crocheted myself, then crocheted together and finally, added the border.


It was my mother-in-law who suggested the name ‘The Violet Blanket’ because of the purple. I loved the suggestion and think it suits the blanket perfectly, so that’s what it’s called. I look forward to making the next one!

It’s for sale and available here.





Our Etsy Shop is Officially Open!

Ladies and gents, please form an orderly queue. Rose Petal Cottage is now open for business! And to celebrate we’re offering 10% off of our entire range for the next month. Just enter the coupon code RELAUNCH2017 at the checkout!

Here is a selection of the lovely new products that are now available:

Happy Shopping!


Craft Fairs

It’s now just under a month until we move into our new house. I am crazy excited. Not just before it will be the first house that we’ll be buying, not renting, but also because I am almost at three months without my craft stuff and I am starting to get withdrawal symptoms! I’ve already got my craft workshop earmarked and have been busy planning where everything will go. It’s going to be the perfect space and I cannot wait to get all of my jars of buttons and piles of fabric on the shelves.

So what’s a girl to do without her supplies for 3 months? Book craft fairs, of course! I now have seven booked for the coming year across Lincolnshire and I’m getting more and more excited by the minute. I love love LOVE craft fairs. Granted, I get super stressed in the run up and everything in the house normally ends up covered in wool and fabric during my last minute panic, but it’s still one of my favourite things to do. There is nothing like the feeling of looking at the table once I’ve laid everything out at the fair and knowing that I made everything by hand. I also love chatting to fellow stall holders and customers. I nearly always come away with something I have bought from another stall and pick up plenty of tips for the next fair, and people visiting fairs are always super complimentary about my products and table. I love talking to people about things I’ve made and always like to hear people’s plans for things they hve bought from me.

One of the plus sides of not being able to do the usual amount of making that I do is that it’s giving me extra time to plan for the fairs. I already have my table lay out pictured in my head and am much more organised with my paperwork than normal. Who knows, by the time I moved into my new craft studio, I might even have got my emails organised. Now that would be a miracle!

Our first fair is the Easter Bazaar at the Beachcomber, Cleethorpes on Sunday 16th April, so if you’re in the area that day, make sure you stop by to say hello. We promise it’ll be a good one!

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